5 Types of Stag Do’s

November 6, 2015

Stag dos come in many shapes and forms but with the help of insight from the customer base and news stories I have managed to put down 5 popular types of stag do, enjoy….



Adventurous stag weekends have been popular since the 90’s, any activity which will fill your pants are the event of choice, from Bungee jumping off bridges in Eastern Europe to coasteering in Cornwall with 20 of your mates there is no better experience.

Sun, Sea, Sand and Shots

“Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches”, what a fantastic line to describe a stag do in a hot country, from Magaluf in Majorca to Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, there is no shortage of amazing hot lively stag do destinations to party in. Other cities and resorts are available such as Ibiza, Albufeira (The Algarve), Barcelona, Valencia etc. depending on budget and nightlife requirements.

Shots, Shots, Shots and more Shots

We have all been on these type of stag dos, meet in the pub at 11am and drink for as long as you can. This type of stag do can take place anywhere from a pub crawl in your home town to the old squares of Prague or Riga, they do tend to get messy, and hopefully a good laugh. Most best men decide to include an activity or two in the day to avoid the stag group from peaking too soon which can have consequences for the evening entertainment, not getting into clubs etc. My advice for these type of stag dos is to include loads of food to soak up the beer, I don’t want to sound like a bit of a fanny but it is quite a special occasion for the stag, so keep it memorable.

Petrol Heads

There are so many driving activities available throughout the UK and worldwide, from racing Rage or Rebel Buggies to driving tanks, supacats or even mini motos, there are literally loads to choose from. We have found that the old favourite, the Quad bike has had a renaissance in recent years with loads of stag groups opting for extreme trekking in destinations such as Bournemouth, North Wales and Nottingham.

Wild Weekends

Everyone thinks the wilderness is based on sleeping in a tent with nothing but sheep for company (whatever you’re into) but it doesn’t have to be, it can be a country house hotel or a rented barn or big house in the middle of nowhere, but whatever you have in mind it basically means away from nightclubs, bars and lots of other people. Time to unwind and just have a stag weekend with the boys, get the BBQ out, drink copious amounts of beer and chill, when was the last time you did that!


Hen Weekend Party Games

October 15, 2015


No hen party is complete without some fun hen party games! We’ve gathered some of the most entertaining (and some of the naughtiest) games that you can all enjoy. Our list of games will make sure you have fantastic fun on your hen do.

Banned Words

This is an ongoing and fun game to play throughout the weekend. Choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night – make sure you choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide how severe the penalty is for breaking the rules, such as doing a shot, paying a fine or doing a dare. It’s a really fun way to keep everyone entertained throughout the night, even if you are having a chilled weekend.

Test The Bride.

Film the groom (or have him film himself) answering specific questions about their relationship. Have him start by asking the question, for example, “Where did we first kiss?” and then answering it. Pause it in between and give the bride a chance to tell her answer to the girls. Restart the video and see how he answered it, the punishment for getting each question wrong is up to you, but traditionally the Hen drinks when she is wrong and the girls drink when she is right.

Lingerie Shower Guessing Game

Before the Hen weekend, let your guests know to bring a gift for the bride, in this case it is lingerie as it is fun and entertaining; it can be anything you choose. Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room. The Bride can then look at each gift and write down who she thinks brought each item. Once she pairs each person to an item, she can read her list and see how many she guessed correctly. Again, her punishment for getting them wrong is most traditionally to drink a shot, but of course it is up to you. (And she gets lots of sexy presents!)

Balloon Questions

This one is a lot of fun, and manages to take care of the decorations too! Write down 20 embarrassing questions and place them in 20 separate balloons. Throughout the night, have guests pop the balloons and make the bride either answer the question or take a shot! Perfect for a giggle over a few drinks – just make sure your party venue is happy with the entire balloon popping!

Guess the Bottom

A cheeky game where the bride to be needs to put a name to the bottom!

Before the Hen weekend, the maid of honour should get photographs of the bottoms of the ushers, best man and groom. Print out the pictures ready for the hen party. At the hen party the bride must guess which bottom belongs to which member of the bridal party! And in true Hen Weekend fashion, of course, those who get them wrong have to take a shot each time.


5 Essential items for Stag weekend success.

February 19, 2015


It’s almost here, the stag weekend. You are buzzing and cannot wait to get out there and party. You have organised everything, the transport is covered, the hotel is booked, the VIP tickets are sorted and your activity at the ready, but there are some finishing touches to smooth off the edges, to make the stag weekend perfect.

Your weekend survival items, water being the main one,  getting legless with no water available will not only lead to a man down but likely to a man taken advantage of, so, if you don’t want that to be you, basic survival items are essential.

For the best man, one of your main priorities is for the lads and the groom to be especially to have an unforgettable night, so, if you find yourself waiting too long for transport or you just want to spice up the night, a pack of cares or some good dares could be what saves the night.  And of course your phone as pictures can create memories that you will never forget.

Coffee / Red Bull

This one is not in the ‘hangover cures’ we mentioned earlier, these items are what are going to keep you awake while everyone else doses off, because, as we all know, the first lad to sleep gets it. And that is not going to be you this time! You’ve came prepared. A coffee or a Redbull should give you that extra boost and help you stay up long after your mates a fell asleep, and if you have friends like mine, you’re going to need it.  Stag Weekends are most infamously known for outrageous pranks, the coffee and red bull are what ensures your safety on the stag weekend.

Bank Cards and Cash

Having both cash and a bankcard is ideal, and I will tell you why. The chances are someone in your stag party will end up losing something, so by having access to either your bank or some cash will ease the pain when you lose one of these sources. I know plenty of people who have lost their cash on a night out and have forgotten their bankcard. Bringing both, and in different places ensures you won’t be stuck without a paddle.

Wet wipes

To help the hangovers on your weekend, which everybody will experience at some point, we recommend wet wipes. You may laugh but let me assure you, when a man is so hungover he can’t get out of bed, a wet wipe becomes a shower in a tissue. Not only that, it becomes a godsend and one that will assist in making said man feel a bit more dignified.

Pain Killers

Your motor skill won’t be the only thing suffering in the morning, providing you drank the water provided, your headache shouldn’t be that bad, but in case of emergencies ‘break’ open the seal of those pain killers and let’s get those weekend activities on the go. After all a stag weekend isn’t complete without a lads day out, paintballing or quad biking.

And of course a spade to dig you and the lads out of all of that trouble you are undoubtedly going to get yourselves stick in. Hope this helped!

If you are stuck organising your stag weekend, and finding it a little difficult and stressful, let us help, we can find great activities at amazing prices and of course all of our recommendations come from years of experience.  Email me with any questions or enquiries. Melanie@mejimedia.com


Football mad stags

February 19, 2015


When it comes to weekends abroad, Spain is definitely one of the best we can recommend. A weekend on the beach here is fantastic, but for those looking for a little more than that can get that here too.  For a city break with beautiful Spanish sunshine, let’s do Madrid.

Madrid is fully equipped with fantastic activities and amazing surroundings. The colourful and vibrant city of Madrid is full of lively street performers, a party atmosphere and plenty of cafes to indulge any hangovers. As a lively city with bags of style, Madrid has designer shops, parks, museums, a magnificent Cathedral and even a Royal Palace.

The capital of Spain attracts more tourists every year than Barcelona.  It’s the central hub of one of the most vibrant, colourful cultures in the world, and the essence of Spain is present in every nook and cranny of the city. By day, there’s always a party vibe in the city centre, and little shops and bars that’ll gladly have you for lunch, or that all-important hangover breakfast.

For the football fans amongst you, Madrid is the place to be. We offer Real Madrid Football Tickets during your stag weekend here, as well as many stag activities and night life options. So for true football lovers everywhere, don’t miss this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to see Real Madrid in glorious, real-life action at the Bernabeu Stadium. As European Champions 9 times over, you can be sure that a Real Madrid match.

Real Madrid games are an amazing way to make your stag weekend in Madrid unforgettable. Your tickets will be picked up at the stadium before the game and delivered to you at your accommodation; which by the way, we can arrange for you. Accommodation is one of the most stressful and tricky to find, and so, if you need help finding a place suitable for your stag weekend, let us know, we can help.

We can arrange a football activity day packed with a Real Madrid football game, your very own 5 a side games with the lads, and a tour of the Bernabeu Stadium, when we said football mad, we wasn’t bluffing. So for your very own football fiesta, email us and let’s get the ball rolling on your epic stag weekend in Madrid!

If you want a big stag weekend in Madrid, but don’t want to break the bank to achieve it, we can arrange something for you. We will arrange your transport from the airport, your city apartments, and on your first night we will send you on your Big Madrid Bar Crawl. Here you will get a chance to see what the city of Madrid has to offer.  We will end your night at one of the top central nightclubs with a VIP treatment. And then of course we will schedule your stag weekend activities for the afternoon, so you and the lads have time to cure your hangovers.

We love stag weekends, finding great deals is what we do, email me if you are booking a weekend and need help organising a wild one. melanie@mejimedia.com


6 Things to do in Valencia

January 29, 2015

Valencia Beach

Introducing the city of Valencia

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain; it’s a wonderfully down to earth city with thriving cultural, eating and nightlife scenes. Valencia is a serious contender for the leading hen/stag weekend destination in Spain. They have magnificent beaches, a bustling nightclub scene and plenty of activities to keep you entertained.


‘Zoo’ is so 2014, too old-fashioned such wonderful, innovative, eco-friendly and gently educational animal park. Wild animals apparently roam as you wander from savannah to equatorial Africa and Madagascar, where large-eyed lemurs gambol around your ankles.

Football Culture

Football-mad lads should definitely head to Valencia to sample the beautiful game along with some salsa, fantastic weather, all-night bars and sexy Spanish women. The game of football here is great, enjoy some fun in the sun with the lads and the amazing Spanish people.

Valencia sunArts & Science

The City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia is a unique complex devoted to scientific and cultural distribution which is split into sections; The IMAX cinema and digital projections, the landscaped vantage point, and the innovative centre of interactive science. The museum is innovative and an interactive science centre for everyone to enjoy. It’s a real fun environment with all travellers keen to explore.


Centrally located on the Plaza de la Reina, this is the religious centre of Valencia and one of the city’s landmarks, not to mention they have the Holy Grail here! This is a must see on a sightseeing day out, the cathedral amongst other renown buildings are reserved, even throughout the cities innovations.

Shore Excursions

In Valencia you won’t be bored for a minute. The city has so much to offer that you will have barely enough time to see everything. Most cruise passengers choose to spend a full day in Valencia. The excursion is the perfect option to discover the most important highlights of Valencia.


The city is renowned throughout Spain for its vibrant nightlife. Both travellers and locals alike love to party here, it creates the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable weekend abroad, and of course our VIP access will help.

Get in touch of a weekend in Valencia with of course accommodation, hen/stag activities such as water sports, quad biking and your VIP nights too. melanie@mejimedia.com


Hen Weekend Survival Kit

January 19, 2015

A weekend with the girls has the potential to get really messy, there are so many things that could go wrong. Countless amount of upheaves could happen throughout the short time that you are togher. The excitement might mean the girls will come unprepared for the weekend ahead. As the maid of honor it is your job to see that all of the girls come away from this weekend with smiles. So, why not create a small hen weekend survival kit for each of the girls attending your party weekend?


Here are a few ideas as to what it might include…

This is something you’re definitely going to need on your weekend. The water will be a god send when you are drunk and dehydrated. Often a bottle of water is the perfect little treat when the room begins to spin after a great night out. Of course it is only to be used if there are no other sources of water; after all, it’s only to be used in the event that survival becomes questionable.

Coffee / red bull
Of course you are probably going to need to sober up before doing anything that required motor skills in the morning. A can of ice coffee or re bull should do the trick. Adding their preferred pick me up will be a great touch for the weekend, the girls will thank you for this, for sure.

Pain Killers
Your motor skill won’t be the only thing suffering in the morning, providing you drank the water provided, your headache shouldn’t be that bad, but in case of emergencies ‘break’ open the seal of those pain killers and let’s hit the road. After all a hen weekend isn’t all about partying, you have things to do in the day time too.

Ahh, a girl’s best friend. When all the fun is simmering down and your thoughts less alcohol and music related, the faint voice of temptation speaks up, chocolate is just what you need to silence it. A nice piece of chocolate before bed is a great touch to end an amazing night out with the girls. Not sure if it’s a survival item, but it is really tasty.

Mint Breathe Spray
For the nights that might get a little breath mints or quick sprits of a spray should do it. Also, when you wake up after a messy night and you aren’t ready to get up but you’re definitely ready to talk about what went on last night, a cheeky spray should do it.

Because all girls nights out have the potential to end with at least one casualty. Plasters are definitely needed just in case. On a girls night out, a box of plasters could be what decides whether your troops carry on partying or go home with the wounded solider.

Sun glasses
The days are for sun bathing and the mornings are for hiding the evidence of a hangover. Sun glasses in the day time are no longer for super cool celebrities, but for super hung-over ladies too. Grab your sunglasses and let that light shine, you’re now protected from unnecessary daylight. (you can thank me later)

Nail file
Breaking at least one nail it a requirement on a great night out. But of course you will need to doctor it, nail files are a must for a girls night weekend. Just a little something with big impact, a dodgy nail on a hen weekend is something no lady wants and it is something that can very easily be avoided.

Detox face mask
For your last evening of the weekend, a face mask is essential; it should definitely be a survival item on your hen weekend. It is a very special day in the morning, a face mask is just what you need to revitalize after a long weekend of partying.

And there we have it, a complete survival kit, for everyone to take with her on the hen weekend. Remember, you can never be too prepared. Hope this helps!

If you would like help organizing your hen weekend, contact enquire@henandstagweekend.co.uk


Six Sexy Cocktails – Worth the hangover

November 26, 2014

If there was any time for an exotic tipple, this is it; your hen weekend is the perfect time to taste some of those tantalising cocktails that you’ve always wanted to try.

Don’t stick to your boring glass of wine, and don’t even splash out on fancy champagne, you’ve already tried those, your hen weekend is about doing something new, fun and exciting. These cocktails are all that and more, but remember is all alcohol so passé yourself, some of these are pretty powerful.


Sex on the Beach

The ultimate hen-do drink; fruity, fun and strong. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy when you’re out in the sun. It’s sweet, it’s delicious and it’s the most popular cocktail yet. This fabulously fruity concoction has got it all going on: peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry juice and orange juice.

Flaming Zombie (seasonal touch)

This is a must taste for all fun time girls, watching the bartending mix it is half of the fun. Light rum, dark rum and apricot brandy are blended with pineapple, lime, orange and grenadine. The barman adds a dash of sugar on top and then lights it up. It’s one of the most powerful cocktails on the list, so watch out! Maybe just one to begin the night’s celebrations…


Screaming Orgasm

No hen do would be complete without the legend of all cocktails. A blend of amaretto, vodka, coffee liqueur and Irish cream liqueur makes this one of the most delicious shots on the menu. A couple on the weekend with the hopes of many to come! (No Pun intended)

Fruit Daiquiri

This is a delicious mix of light rum, passion-fruit juice, limes and powdered sugar.

It’s perfect for the ladies with a sweet tooth and a party girl attitude. There are so many variants, the flavours deviate through all kinds of fruit juices, so some even drink it as a frozen slush, order one up if you and the girls are heating things up on your hen party weekend.


A fun party shot. Even though it tastes rich and creamy, the real fun of this shooter is not in its taste but how it is drunk. Because of its layer, it has to be shot, and now half-hearted throw backs either, the secret it in the mix.


And of course, it’s the Cosmopolitan, queen of all cocktails, and oldie but goodie.
The classic Cosmopolitan is a very simple drink and it quickly became one of the most popular cocktails of all time. It’s not too sweet, it is a vodka based drink, and it has many variables, so it may never taste the same from bar to bar, perfect for those ladies looking to try new things.

Grab a drink you’ll remember for your last night of freedom, and if you want to know how to make them yourself, why not enjoy a cocktail making lesson for a starter to your hen party weekend?